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EdTech Advisor

STEM Incubator to Top Publisher in 3 Years

 Don’s extensive education industry solutions engineering background, business maturity, tenacity, hands-on approach, and unwillingness to accept that “it can’t be done” are strengths that make him an excellent choice for any company he works with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Jim Walburg
Former CFO
Accelerate Learning, Inc.

Fortune 500 Middleware Adoption

I had a front-row seat watching Don design and build a middleware development platform that was adopted by a Fortune 500 operating system company over JBoss, Silverlake, SharePoint, Websphere, and a host of others. If you have a product, engineering project, or problem to solve, Don has the talent and capabilities to find a solution. He is a leader in this industry because of his extraordinary ability to reach the end goal in a timely and efficient manner.

Theodore Gordon Jr,

Co-Founder \ Former CEO

Lumen Software, Inc.

DESE Statewide Coredata Collection \ Reporting Solution

We began the project with a Fortune 500 development firm and were engaged with them for eighteen months. At the end of that time, and within four months of the completion date of the project, our project had essentially moved nowhere and we canceled our contract. We then engaged Don Keeler’s company, which had just completed assisting the State Director of Finance in the creation of a state-wide solution for taxing entities setting of levies. The project was finished… one week ahead of schedule, which was very beneficial (and truthfully an amazing feat). If you need something done, and you need it done right, having Keeler on your side will ensure your success and I personally appreciate his efforts to make our project a success.

Woody Fitzmaurice

Former Director of MIS

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

 A Force in Advanced Data and Content Integrations 

I had the opportunity to work with Don Keeler on a number of projects during my time overseeing Product Partnerships for Schoology (now a part of PowerSchool). My experience working with EA was overwhelmingly positive - they were very responsive, and worked with a high degree of urgency and accuracy. I would enthusiastically recommend EA and its resources to any organization who is seeking a development partner with deep subject matter expertise and engineering competency.

Tessa Miller

Product Partnerships Schoology

Dental Charting, Anesthesia Planning and Monitoring SaaS Solution

Their early involvement, starting with funding guidance and product roadmap development, proved pivotal to the success of launching our application. Their SmartMVP© approach has proven to be both efficient and accurate, with rounds of constant iteration being finished on or ahead of schedule. Working with EI has allowed us to stay under budget and ahead of schedule, which is not a very common occurrence in any venture.

Dr. Gonzalo Erdozain, DVM, MPH

Founder \ CEO,

DVM Solutions, LLC

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