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About Don Keeler

EdTech Advisor

Thank you for your interest in our services, poised to make an immediate impact on your success

in both the US EdTech and international markets!

I am an EdTech innovator with 25+ years of continuous experience designing and delivering successful platforms and solutions across K12, higher education (HE), and workforce markets. My expertise spans Fortune 500 companies, federal and state departments, publishers, workforce initiatives, medical sectors, and more.

These solutions represent highly complex, high-volume (10M+ users), high-risk, and record-setting deployments of national and international products.


My direct experience as the owner overseeing strategy, design, production, compliance, business continuity, diligence, revenue generation, marketing, and more, coupled with my track record of success, sets me apart in the EdTech sector across all levels.


My ongoing involvement in the EdTech sector has built a robust foundation of detailed knowledge, complemented by hands-on experience in current AI/ML technologies, agile engineering practices, workforce development, credentialing, business continuity, integration methods, and more.

My extensive experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of effectively overcoming barriers to sales and ensuring customer retention with confidence. I have achieved notable success, particularly with some of the largest clients nationwide. As a CTO, I have garnered sales awards by introducing innovations that were pivotal in securing their adoption, including a record-setting $17 million single sale. My contributions have consistently accounted for over 50% of annual revenue generation. Beyond delivering a superior product, I firmly believe that addressing all obstacles to purchase is essential to maximizing Total Addressable Market (TAM), Served Available Market (SAM), and Share of Market (SOM) metrics

I frequently consult with equity firms, offering expertise across the entire education market landscape. This includes evaluating markets, products, and services, assessing competitive landscapes, identifying growth potential in acquisitions and current investments, analyzing EBITDA factors, and addressing a wide range of related topics.

I have played a pivotal role in numerous EdTech due diligence and exit exercises, serving as the primary advisor. I equip clients with the technological and financial readiness required, along with a strategic roadmap to maximize their valuation during exit opportunities. This comprehensive approach is a standard part of our service.

My expertise extends to Educational Copyright law, where I've consulted with the US Copyright Office in recent years. I've developed effective strategies for publishers to protect their intellectual property without resorting to litigation, earning trust for our unique capabilities.

Drawing from extensive experience, I offer a personalized diligence process that goes beyond modified templates, creating tailored roadmaps that significantly reduce time to market and consistently contribute to over 50% of annual sales.

This roadmap encompasses comprehensive marketing and sales campaigns, as well as guidance on strategic preparations to maximize valuation during future exits.

Testimonials on this platform attest to our record-setting results at the highest levels. For a firsthand experience of our transformative impact, please contact us for a prompt consultation tailored to your needs.

Don Keeler, Founder
EdTech Advisor
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