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About Don Keeler

EdTech Advisor

First, thank you for your interest in our services, which will immediately impact your success

in the US EdTech markets and abroad!

I am an EdTech innovator in the K12, HE, and Workforce markets with a unique continuous experience in designing and producing successful platforms and solutions for 30+ years for Fortune 500, federal \ state departments, publishers, workforce initiatives, medical, and more. ​

These solutions represent complex, high volume (10M+ users), high-risk, and record-setting deployments, of national and international products.


My direct experience as the owner of strategy, design, production, compliance, business continuity, diligence, revenue generation, marketing, and more... accompanied by the levels of success, are unique across education markets and all levels within.


My continuous engagement in the EdTech markets provides a solid foundational, detailed knowledge that is combined with an up-to-date understanding of current, direct design/engineering experience in AI/ML, workforce, credentialing, business continuity, methods of integration, and much more.

My unique experience provides me with a detailed understanding of how to remove all barriers to a sale and retention with confidence, with particular success in the largest clients in the country, winning sales awards as CTO for such clients who identified my innovations led to their adoptions ($17M is a company single sale record) and accredited for 50% plus in year-after-year revenue generation. A great product is half of what is required, as the other half of a sale requires you to address all hurdles to purchase to maximize your TAM and market acquisition.

I regularly meet with equity firms, providing advice across all education market landscapes, blending markets, products/services evaluation, competitive landscape, identifying runway in acquisitions/current investments, EBITDA killers, and a widespan of other topics.


I have been the primary source in a great number of EdTech due diligence exit exercises. I prepare my clients with the awareness of what is required in technology and financial preparedness, along with a roadmap of the continuous efforts that will maximize their multiplier when such an event presents itself. This is a standard part of your review.

I am an expert on Educational Copyright law, serving as a consultant to the US Copyright Office in recent years. I have established the means by which publishers are able to enforce the protection of their IP without requiring litigation. This is not possible through copyright protection alone. Our clients appreciate our understanding and the measures only we can provide.

From my experience, I am able to provide my own process of diligence across many areas that produce your comprehensive roadmap (not a template that’s been modified), which will significantly reduce time to market and will attribute 50%+ of your annual sales year after year.


This roadmap also includes complete marketing/sales campaigns and guidance on preparations/procedures for maximization of multiplier in a future exit.

On this site, you will find testimonials of record-setting results at the highest levels. 


Please contact us for a quick interaction on your needs to experience for yourself the difference we provide.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your needs! Don

Don Keeler, Founder
EdTech Advisor
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