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Doing Jigsaw Puzzle

Architect of Success

We are not a "piece of the puzzle"...

we build them.

EdTech Advisor

Whether you are an EdTech;

  • Startup

  • Trying to reach the next level

  • Bringing your product to the United States

My experience and abilities are unique, just as your needs are.

My direct experience as the owner of strategy, design, production, compliance, business continuity, diligence, revenue generation, marketing, more... and levels of success are unique across education markets and all levels within. 

Have been brought in to replace Fortune 500 firms that did not possess a comprehensive, detailed understanding and were unable to produce a solution.

Have provided the comprehensive triage needed by organizations trying to move to the next level and, in some cases, taking a defunded publisher to the highest level within their space in just a few years.

Direct Access to Industry Best-in-Class Resources

During my long tenure in EdTech, I have vetted, implemented, assembled, and worked directly with the best of all resources clients required.

I have also formed key solution relationships through my own and client projects. These are the best, highly experienced, and most cost effective resources in the industry for software / AI/ML development and the highest level of AWS engineering services. They possess the best experience, quality assurance measures, pace... with two decades of building some of the most successful platforms and products in the industry.


Unmatched Comprehensive \ Detailed Working Knowledge

My comprehensive understanding allows for the quick identification of your specific needs of what is required for your products/services to succeed within the United States K12, HE, and Workforce markets.

My analysis is more comprehensive, in greater detail, along with the explicit rationale of why, which is otherwise not possible in the EdTech space. 

Please review the site's About, Testimonials, and Experience sections. They provide a brief glimpse of our accomplishments and depth of knowledge. 

Architect of all that is EdTech

I am the architect who designs your plan of specific needs while also being able to assist you with access to the industry's best resources we have vetted through other projects we have worked on together.

You are not provided with general lists of knowledge such as conferences, what are the different uses of LTI, a list of personas in this market, etc... for you to review. I understand what is required, and provide you with the detailed solutions and rationale that go along with it. From this base, we will work together to refine your specific plan to ensure it meets your specific.


This greatly reduces your time to market, producing products/services that are sellable, and where, when, who, and how to sell them. In addition, your costs are greatly reduced, as I do not require additional staff members, teams, or external partners to understand what is needed. Any questions we have, I can contact an industry of resources that can answer any specific questions that may be needed.

You will be provided a plan of confidence, knowledge, and execution.

Proprietary Review Process

My proprietary review process of diligence that produces your specific roadmap (not a template that’s been modified) that significantly reduces your time to market and ensures you are able to sell your product successfully, which quite likely will attribute to 50%+ of your annual sales year after year.


This roadmap also includes parallel roadmaps of marketing/sales campaigns (even the detailed mechanics of what is required to execute these campaigns successfully) and guidance on preparations/procedures for the maximization of your multiplier in a future exit.

Everything in your evaluation directly supports the requirements of investors, including detailed pro forma modeling. 

Dynamic Structure of Engagement and Fees

We are a dynamically structured EdTech resource able to facilitate startups to the largest organizations, at any stage.


For the review through the multiple Roadmap creations, myself and your team are all that is required. If there is a need for additional resources, I am readily able to provide vetted resources to fulfill your needs regardless of your area of need.

I am able to provide flexible payment structures depending on a client's needs.


Startups especially need expert guidance from the start when funds are tight. My ability to provide guidance as CTO/CPO/CISO/CMO and crucial elements of a CFO also makes for a very cost-effective resource and reduction in time to market and elimination of refactoring in the future.

First Step

This may seem overwhelming, but it is not for me. I have lived this for over 25+ years and am constantly evolving my requirements through continuous engagement at all levels within EdTech.

In a short introductory call where I learn some key points about your product and answer your questions, my unique understanding will become evident. Click here to take your first step to an easier, more cost-effective path to success.

After this call, if you are interested in learning more about our process that produces your comprehensive, detailed plan for success, I will share it at that time.

Looking forward to helping you become our next testimonial!

Don Keeler, Founder

EdTech Advisor
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